The start of my interest in photography began in High School in the early 80's. Photography was just another medium to me. I was immersed in all types of fine art and preparing a portfolio for college with the goal of being a designer. I learned the development process for 35mm and really enjoyed black and white. As an artist, I had a natural eye for composition. It really came easy for me but hanging on to a camera or finding time to practice the art did not. It is hard to do when you are just 20. So many distractions! [1983 - First 35mm Camera: Canon AE-1]

Twenty years past and after a return to college I was now 5 years into a career as a graphic designer ( I made it 22 years in that field). Starting in 2002, I gained expertise in photographing products for catalogs that I also designed and directed while in South Florida. This was just at the beginning of the digital camera age. I led and planned on-location photo shoots for several catalogs in  Turks and Caicos and The Cayman Islands. [2002 - First Digital Camera: Canon Eos 10D]. In 2006, I moved to Arizona and began to shoot more and more landscapes. I can credit Arizona as the place I learned most of my skills.


In 2008,  traveling to other Locations began - specifically those with national parks or national monuments (California, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming).

In 2010, I began producing and offering my work on canvas at local art shows and some select retail stores. Some of my photographs were also licensed for products.

In 2012, I expanded some of my knowledge by acquiring a large format 4x5 and attending classes. I enjoyed what I learned but I discovered the view through a 35mm viewfinder was much more appealing than one through ground glass. Being able to get one-on-one training was also out of my reach financially and I wanted to eventually work in color instead of black and white. Many of the principals behind using a field camera greatly improved my work with a digital camera.

In 2015, Improving the quality of my work as well as my selection are now my main goals. I added the new Canon EOS 5Dsr to my bag and have begun to travel more as time and my day job permits.

Today, some of the next locations on my list are Oregon, Tennessee, South Dakota. I am always on the watch for new gear that will enable me to produce better work as well as special locations that hold a beauty I can capture.