Welcome to my website!

I was introduced to photography in 1983. As an artist, I seemed to have a natural eye for composition. It really came easy for me but hanging on to a camera or finding time to practice the art did not.  

Twenty years past and after a return to college I was now 5 years into my graphic design career. Starting in 2002, I gained expertise in photographing products for catalogs that I also designed and directed while in South Florida. This was just at the beginning of the digital camera age. I led and planned on-location photo shoots for several catalogs in Turks and Caicos and The Cayman Islands. In 2006, I moved to Arizona and began to shoot more and more landscapes. I can credit Arizona as the place I learned most of my landscape photography skills.

In 2008,  traveling to other Locations began - specifically those with national parks or national monuments (California, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming).

In 2010, I began producing and offering my work on canvas at local art shows and some select retail stores. Some of my photographs were also licensed for products.

In 2012, I expanded some of my knowledge by acquiring a large format 4x5 and attending classes. I enjoyed what I learned but I discovered the view through a 35mm viewfinder was much more appealing than one through ground glass. Being able to get one-on-one training was also out of my reach financially and I wanted to eventually work in color instead of black and white. Many of the principals behind using a field camera greatly improved my work with a digital camera.

In 2015, Improving the quality of my work as well as my selection were my main goals. 

Currently I do much less photography than I used to. I travel to maybe 2 major locations a year. Most recently, I went to San Francisco and Big Sur and in July, 2023 we are heading to Rocky Mountain National Park. This location will be a new adventure and another check on my list!

I am a Canon guy and currently use the 5Dsr for landscapes and a 90d for wildlife to capture my images. I generally travel with 6-7 lenses and a bunch of other stuff along with a Benro tripod with a Really Right Stuff Head. I use a slide in filter system for all of my landscapes. Someday I may go shutterless but who lnows when that will be. I generally upgrade gear when mine is getting obsolete.