Welcome to my website!

This website was first created to feature my photography. Currently, I am slowly integrating pages and content for my new business "Sawyer Design Services".

Sawyer Design Services is a no-nonsense, reliable and steady source for top-notch graphic design solutions. I use over 20 years of experience, hard work and talent to create eye-catching custom designs for all types clientele. I work out of my home office in Phoenix, AZ using the latest graphic design software. I charge a highly competitive hourly rate for my services. My rates are lower than most designers but you receive high-quality work and an honest approach to doing business.


As a child, i was always drawing something and enjoyed art classes more than anything. In Junior High School I took more and more arts and crafts classes and by the time I was in High school, was really into anything art or music related. By the time I graduated I had a fairly good set of skills in traditional art forms such as painting, watercolor, pen & Ink, sculpture, ceramics and sketching still life. I wasn't until I went back to college in 1993 that my art skills would surface again when I went back to college at the age of 30. By the time I had completed college, I had already landed my first graphic design job in 1996. Since then, I have worked in many different industries and produced artwork and designs for practically every purpose.

I have worked for companies large and small such as: advertising agencies, manufacturers, corporations, retail, healthcare, publishing, marketing, travel and many more. Most of all the work I have produced for these entities were under extremely tight deadlines in fast-paced environments and under extreme stress. The graphic design field has changed greatly in the last decade and some of that was not for the best. After many attempts to find the right working environment in which to utilize my skills and have a good work/life balance, I decided I was better suited to having my own business.

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I was introduced to photography in 1983. As an artist, I seemed to have a natural eye for composition. It really came easy for me but hanging on to a camera or finding time to practice the art did not.  

Twenty years past and after a return to college I was now 5 years into my graphic design career. Starting in 2002, I gained expertise in photographing products for catalogs that I also designed and directed while in South Florida. This was just at the beginning of the digital camera age. I led and planned on-location photo shoots for several catalogs in Turks and Caicos and The Cayman Islands. In 2006, I moved to Arizona and began to shoot more and more landscapes. I can credit Arizona as the place I learned most of my landscape photography skills.

In 2008,  traveling to other Locations began - specifically those with national parks or national monuments (California, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming).

In 2010, I began producing and offering my work on canvas at local art shows and some select retail stores. Some of my photographs were also licensed for products.

In 2012, I expanded some of my knowledge by acquiring a large format 4x5 and attending classes. I enjoyed what I learned but I discovered the view through a 35mm viewfinder was much more appealing than one through ground glass. Being able to get one-on-one training was also out of my reach financially and I wanted to eventually work in color instead of black and white. Many of the principals behind using a field camera greatly improved my work with a digital camera.

In 2015, Improving the quality of my work as well as my selection were my main goals. 

Today, some of the next locations on my list are Oregon, Tennessee, South Dakota. I am always on the watch for new gear that will enable me to produce better work as well as special locations that hold a beauty I can capture.